Language versioning, done right.

Nobody wants to sound like a foreigner when reaching out to a global audience. Power of Babel makes multilingual versioning seamless, painless, and worry free.

We are more than a translation agency. We are broadcast professionals who specialize in translation and versioning for:


Film and Television

Interactive Media

Corporate Communication

Global, localized.

Based in Toronto, Canada, one of the world’s most diverse cities, we have harnessed the talent of today’s global village. Our team of producers, translators and voice performers has roots and connections that span the globe. Power of Babel is uniquely positioned to help you reach your audience, no matter what language it speaks.

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Our Work


Kobo eReader Promo
Brand video versioned in UK English, Italian, Dutch, European French and Brazilian Portuguese.

Dog’s Best Friend
TV series Dog’s Best Friend, versioned into French

Tre Tocchi
Italian feature film dubbed in French