The Power of Babel Difference

Our home page makes a bold promise: to make translating and dubbing your audio-visual content “seamless, painless, and worry-free.”

What does that mean, exactly? How does Power of Babel deliver better results?

  1. We get the right people for the job. There are lots of great translators out there. You may have one in house, or work with a translation agency that does great work on print material. But a script requires different skills and a different approach. A script has to be easy to speak, and more importantly, easy on the ears. It has to sound natural, like human speech. We look for translators who are professional broadcasters, filmmakers, playwrights, etc. – people who are trained to write for the ear.
  2. We are language geeks, and we recruit other language geeks to work with us. Our approach from the start has been to build a team of trusted consultants and language supervisors who know their stuff in their own language. We check and double-check. And we don’t leave accurate translations and recordings to chance.
  3. We are constantly on the lookout for new voice talent, both locally and around the world. Our roster of French Canadian performers is good enough to dub a TV series for broadcast in Quebec – something that’s not often done in Ontario. And for hard-to-find languages, we have contacts in many parts of the world, from South Africa to Azerbaijan.
  4. Our production facility, dbaudio, has been recording audio in many languages for years. Our sound engineer is accustomed to dealing with even the toughest languages for a native English-speaker to hear and understand. Here, as in everything else, experience counts.

Most importantly, we take great care to understand your project and your needs, and deliver exactly what you ask for. Between these two points, our goal is never to let you see how hard we actually work.


Eric Geringas
Versioning producer. Documentary filmmaker. Factual TV director. Problem solver.