A Trusted Video Translation Partner

For a video producer, what are the keys to financial success? Creativity… excellent client relations… careful cost control… These are all important. But what’s really going to get you repeat business is problem solving. Make your clients’ problems go away, and you’ve got their loyalty forever.

And for many clients, there are few problems as tricky as foreign languages. Whether the client is a company that needs to talk to customers half a world away or a non-profit trying to reach diverse communities locally, getting the language right can be a daunting task. Especially when it comes to video and multimedia.

So if you can provide the solution they need – and take care of their problem – you can be sure they’ll keep coming back to you for more work.

A seamless solution

Our friends at Key West Video are a great example of a company that has found a way to do this – provide seamless multilingual video solutions. Last year, a longtime client of Key West Video’s, York Region Community and Health Services, came to them with a project that had to be delivered in seven languages: English, of course, plus six languages spoken by new Canadians in the suburbs north of Toronto.

The folks at Key West Video are mostly unilingual – certainly, they can’t speak Farsi or Russian – but they had no trouble saying yes. They called their preferred language-services vendor, Power of Babel, and got us involved right away, at the budgeting stage.

Once the English video was finished, we provided translation of script and graphics, and dialogue-replacement dubbing in Farsi, Russian, Tamil, Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese.

“We don’t say ‘no, we can’t,’” says Key West Video president Stuart Steinberg. “We only say ‘yes, we can.’ Part of that is having the right partners and vendors to do that.”

Working in Toronto gives us access to a large pool of voice talent from all over the world.

From pain point to profit centre

For Key West Video, being able to offer multi-language capability as one of its basic services provides a marketing edge. Having a trusted language-versioning supplier allows the company to manage multilingual projects effectively and keep costs down. And for Steinberg, that’s turned languages from a pain point to a profit centre.

“Power of Babel is the perfect partner for multilingual solutions,” Steinberg says. “They work in sync with Key West Video’s dedication to being fast, flexible and customer-oriented.”

To talk about your language versioning needs, please drop us a line.

Eric Geringas
Versioning producer. Documentary filmmaker. Factual TV director. Problem solver.