We provide 100%-accurate translation of scripts from any language into any language, including regional dialects.

Script Adaptation

A good script is written for the ear. It must be easy to speak, and easy to hear and understand. Our team does more than word-for-word translation: we adapt the script to make sure your message is received the way you envision it.


Using our own talent roster and partners around the world, we find the best voices to deliver your message. Our deep pool of narrators and actors represents most of the world’s common languages. And if we don’t have it, we’ll find it.

Audio Production

Our recording facility, dbaudio, records and optimizes your soundtrack for playback in your target format. Our audio technicians have the expertise to make your production sound great in every application, from conference halls to car radios, smartphones to home theatres.


Once we have the script and the talent, we don’t leave the performance to chance. On every project, we provide an experienced studio director and language supervisor to make sure the performance is accurate and compelling.

Video Production

Our in-house editors can update supers, stretch sections of the original video to fit the new audio track, and provide a new master in any video format: broadcast, website, mobile app, social media, DVD.

Additional international versioning services

Closed captioning and subtitling

Broadcast transfers and standards conversion

Descriptive video

Transcription and translation in any language

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