Eric Geringas

Director of Operations

Eric got his start in international versioning the way many immigrant children do: by translating for his parents. Having lived in four countries by the age of nine, he has a lifelong awareness of the subtleties of language and culture, and of the importance of good translation. A language geek, documentary filmmaker and former TV news writer, he is a stickler for outstanding performance in voiceover. He speaks English, Russian and French.

Dave Boire

Technical Director

A lifelong musician, Dave grew up playing percussion, piano, violin and guitar. But through it all there was singing. He was taught that if you can't sing it, you can't play it. After graduating from York University with a degree in music, Dave got his professional start in the jingle business. In 1997 made the shift to full-service audio production, founding dbaudio. The studio’s focus: the human voice – delivering communications for commercial and corporate clients. The spoken word was the new music; the human voice, the instrument.

Our Team

Our network starts in Toronto, Canada and extends worldwide. We work with translators who are also filmmakers, theatre artists and broadcasters. Our translations capture the flavour and nuance of the original, and our voiceover talent deliver a performance rather than simply reading a script.

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